Ties that Bind

Congratulations on Your New Job

rules for workin' stiffs

Each of you signed one of these contracts after returning to Maidenpool. With it, you received a small badge that can be carried on your person, or in a container, which is the symbol of your employment.

Contract for Employment at Faganheim Crafts Inc.

I, the undersigned, do hereby take notice that I have accepted employment to the Faganheim Corporation as a Future Functionality Consultant and will comply with all regulations and duties as stated below and in the company charter.

As a member of Fagaheim Crafts, I shall:

- Maintain a professional appearance for all company affairs
- Perform my duties in a timely and efficient manner
- Not be charged with crimes involving company property or prospects
- Not steal company property or property of Faganheim partners
- Provide adequate services for all clients and associates contracted

As a Future Functionality Consultant, my duties shall include
- Accompanying company staff on missions of trade and negotiation
- Acting as proxy for company executives
- Assessing and tracking changes in company policy, outlook, and prospects, and making corrections where needed
- Acting on behalf of the company in matters of state and trade
- Performing such actions as deemed necessary by company executives, or by a majority of the Office of Consultants.

All consultant’s report directly to the chief executive.
Failure to complete assignments and/or charges is grounds for immediate dismissal and possible legal ramifications.
Faganheim Crafts and all associated persons will not be held responsible for damage, injury, death, enchantment, imprisonment, or reconstitution (magical or alchemical in nature) of property or persons employed under this contract.

All the above guarantees the consultant signed below compensation for services of four (4) silver per day of work plus commission set on a by-contract basis, as well as lodging during extended stays within the city of Maidenpool, and options for company investment. I hereby agree to all the above,

Witnesses: Walgrim Faganheim
Walgrim Faganheim Jr.
Validated Walgrim Faganheim, Executive Officer

Rights and Privileges as a Future Functionality Consultant, hereafter referred to as Plaza Guard:
The badge provided with the contract above qualifies you for the following:

Public Amenities/Institutions

- Access to Faganheim Plaza at all times, including after hours
- Room and board at the Lamb and Lion when staying in the city, or credit at another choice of lodging if that is preferred.
- 10% discount on all Plaza purchases.
- Access to city guard resources including training barracks and city law archives
- Open permission to carry weapons and keep public peace within city limits
- Official county citizenship, guaranteeing ease of travel between cities and friendly countries (County citizenship also includes voting rights, right to due process, and inclusion in census counts and tax reviews. Citizenship can be resigned or revoked

Private Institutions

- Access to company secrets on a need-to-know basis
- Access to private information stores
- Free reign of duties when not on hired assignment
- Limited Gate License, permitting use of dimensional magic in extreme circumstances, and permitting action against use of dimensional magic in an illegal manner when regular Gate law enforcement is not present 


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