W-Mythril Eight: Sylvani Solaris

And when you're gone, will they love you the same?



Healer and recluse. She lives in the Feylands and doesn’t like to be bothered. Unless you happen to be one of her friends. Or you’re hurt. Or you’re lost.

Sylvani has a lot of unresolved issues from her time as an adventurer and is dealing with them by avoiding conflict (and contact) with the people she unwittingly hurt. She’s very shy, and careful with her words—almost to a fault. She’s known to frequently pause mid-sentence until she finds exactly the phrase and wording she wants.

Still, Sylvani embodies the phrase “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Rather than argue with someone about to do something she doesn’t like, she will simply act in a way that counteracts or outright stops their action.

Healing, and tending the world she lives in gives her purpose. She spends the majority of most days as an animal, roaming the Fey Wilds. What form Sylvani takes varies by the season, the weather, and her mood: she has hibernated through at least one winter as a badger. She’ll fight if pressed, but will kill an attacker only as an absolute last resort. She has even found a way to make her offensive spells non-lethal to this end.

Currently Sylvani is most interested in becoming closer to the natural world and understanding the Fey Wilds in particular. She has a crow animal companion, Ekari. He’s a flighty, squack-y little shit who keeps lookout for her. She also has a spirit guide, Kynthos. No one else has ever seen the she-wolf, but occasionally Sylvani can be heard talking to seemingly nothing, late at night.

She does not currently have any students. Sylvani is fine with this, and is taking the time to focus more on her own self-improvement. She’s very aware of her difficulties with dealing with other people, and dislikes how her shyness gets in the way of her being able to effectively communicate.


W-Mythril Eight: Sylvani Solaris

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