W-Mythril Eight: Walgrim Faganheim

And when you're gone, will they say your name?



Tinker, Artificer, Soldier, Bard, and the proprietor of Faganheims, the craftsman conglomerate. He is the favorite son of Maidenpool and the father of Fagan. Almost anyone who meets him leaves with his friendship, if not a new toy, in hand.

Walgrim retired from adventuring after the War of Tears separated his band for good. He returned to his home and his first love, crafting. He is outgoing, boisterous, and always ready with a good story. He tends to ramble, but always has a point, and is much sharper than his eccentric looks betray.

For all his kooks, Walgrim is to this day a formidable businessman and craftsman in his own right. He spends a great deal of time on experimental projects that he keeps safe from the light of day; curious, but too weary of the dangers of the world to let many of his inventions be known.

Walgrim travels the known world maintaining both his business and his curiosity. Having lived through the Abeyance and heard the horrors of the planes, he refuses magical transporation barring important occasions, and so is gone from Maidenpool and Faganheim Plaza for long periods of time. These journeys prove at times to be dangerous, but the dwarf craftmaster is not to be trifled with. When a magical item won’t help him, his crossbow, or one of his effigy companions will.

Walgrim is currently seeking out both new magical sources of energy to use in a new project of transportation, and for a new band to finance to do some searching for him. He misses the old days of travelling with his companions, of whom only one he remains close to. He has been taking trips to all corners of the Hadus continent excluding Siperene, seeking out the new and unusual. He also is constantly on the lookout for new craftsmen to bring to Maidenpool. The more startup crafters he can bring under his wing, the greater the chance that he can aim the world towards a magical and technological utopia free from the molestation of those who use such magnificent tools for their personal gain at the detriment of others.


W-Mythril Eight: Walgrim Faganheim

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