Ties that Bind

Well... That Was Unexpected
a day in the city

As each of you made your way into the city, you found yourselves by chance or by choice in the center of Maidenpool’s commerce and character: Crescent Square. Here you all sought out indulgence, knowledge, or work and found yourselves at the gates of Faganheim Plaza, a massive fort-like structure that revealed itself inside to be a beautiful tiered shopping complex. Taking in the sights of this marvelous reinvention of a marketplace, you all set to your tasks.

Tyne took to the top of the plaza holding a recruiting flyer for “Strong, Adventurous, Industrious Individuals for exciting lucrative position”, with Godot right behind her carrying a package for the man who’s name graced the plaza itself.

Selene and Helios wandered the plaza excitedly, seeking to undo the promise that the plaza did indeed offer everything, and learned from a young fruit seller that such a promise was upheld by the plaza’s proprietor: Master Faganheim.

Laila searched for the greatest magic items she could, searching through tomes and scrolls of a haggard old woman at the top of the plaza.

Ave searched the square and shops for a hint of where to find a craftsman willing to take her as a client.

As each of you shopped, waited, or strolled, suddenly the plaza was attacked. Four figures in dark cloaks caused great mayhem and diversion, throwing the plaza into a panic. Through the thick of it, each of you found a chance to help quell the insurgence and save the shops from damage, disarming and incapacitating every cloaked figure save for one. As you followed his shadow up the stairs at the top of the plaza you found yourselves in the office of the proprietor, the cloaked figure standing over a beaten man and carrying a sack of stolen goods and a staff. With a wave of the long black stave, each of you was overcome with fatigue and lethargy, and despite a last attempt to stop him from Laila, the figure leaped out the window and vanished.

As you helped the beaten dwarf to his feet, he introduced himself as Faganheim Jr., the son of the plaza’s creator and proprietor: Walgrim Faganheim. He explained that this robbery had been anticipated by his father, but unfortunately not properly prepared for before his departure for another business venture. He asked each of you, having leaped into action to help him and all the customers and shopkeepers in the complex, to help him yet again and retrieve the items stolen, particularly the staff they had seen, for each item was likely linked to the summoning and control of undead creatures. For this they would be handsomely compensated, provided they make it back with the items before the solstice festival in 2 weeks and 3 days time, when Faganheim Sr. was scheduled to return to Maidenpool. Each of you accepted (after Godot’s paperwork was signed, of course) and left as the plaza was locked down for the night, assured all the information you’d need would be supplied in the morning. After receiving the thanks and tokens of appreciation from a grateful fruit merchant, you exited into the night air in search of supper, talking amongst each other as any other group would at the end of a day at market.

What happens next? only the dawn will tell.

And So It Begins
the start of the journey

The sun rises on a new day, and as it rises into the sky, outshining the light of the two moons, it’s rays cast down upon the roofs and windows of the city of Maidenpool. The sprawling city, nestled in the hills next to the small lake from which it takes its name, is already awake; its forges burning, its markets preparing for a day of business, and noise can be heard even at a distance. The city is preparing for the upcoming summer solstice festival taking place in just a few weeks, and special care is being taken for this year the solstice coincides with the Godseye celebration; a rare calendar convergence that many across all of Tenera are taking as a sign of great things to come in the new year. As the morning business comes to a head, the gates of the city open. Farmers, hunters and craftsmen leave for the fields and forests while traders and travelers make their way into the city.

Among them are six individuals.

Two Gray Elves approach from the north, having crossed from the Fey Wilds, on a mission they discuss only between themselves.
An elf makes her way to the southern gate, coming over the low hills of the Gildlands, armed to the teeth, and seeking something new.
A Wildren comes over the hills in the east from lake country, eager to earn new glory in a new place.
A Spirit Folk comes south from the northwest from the border of Karamen, yearning to see the crown jewel of the country that neighbors her own.
A Human rides in from the west on a wide trade road, her horse and her bag laden with letters and packages of great importance, but of what importance she has yet to know.


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