Tenera is understood to be many thousands of years old by the common people, and to those who choose to study history from even the most dangerous of teachers it is known to be many millions of years old. As far as this story is concerned, a common understanding of the last 200 years should suffice. Much more than what appears here has happened. These are merely the most commonly known events throughout the world.

approx. 200 Years Ago (1089 CG)

  • The War of Two Kingdoms: Roughly two centuries ago the countries known today as Castrellon and Siperene were locked in a bitter feud over land and ideology. At that time the two kingdoms were ruled by brothers who had been given their domains after their father abdicated his throne and split the region between his children. From there the history texts differ on the facts depending on which country the historian was from.

approx. 150 years ago (1140 CG)

  • The Siege of the Shores: Aquatic Orcs came out of hiding and claimed dominion over all the oceans of the world. This resulted in massive loss of ships for all seafaring countries, and the near eradication of the Darfellan Castes. Through diplomatic approaches from the Drow and Tortle, new treaties were formed and signed concerning the use of the oceans.
  • Xiuula Uprising: The magical country of Xiuula attempted to take over much of the world through use of magical force. Though its armies succeeded in capturing lands as far north Karamen and the Fey Wilds, and even held colonies and war parties in Ovon and Suyuya, they were eventually quelled and pushed back behind their borders by the various armies whose countries Xiuula had invaded. Xiuula still suffers from tariffs in certain countries that have lasted since its surrender.

approx. 100 years ago (1190 CG)

  • The Purity Movement:** Siperene officially closed its borders and exiled all non-human peoples on threat of death or enslavement. The Siperean emperor commissions the construction of the first Warforged from the great gnomish houses in Wilziver, as a means to secure Siperene’s might without loss of precious human life.

approx. 90 years ago (1200 CG)

  • Battle of Swordbreak: An envoy of Orc ships broke the Siperean border in retaliation for the Siperean government refusing to release Orc prisoners and slaves. The battle was bloody and fruitless on both sides, as nearly all of the prisoners fought for were either killed or replaced with captured warriors, and the magic of the Orc Shamans turned many of the mindless Warforged on their Siperean masters.

approx. 75 years ago (1215 CG)

  • The Wild Gates Open: After centuries of strict guard and barrier between Castrellon and the Fey Wilds, Feytouched Races began seeking out new lands and new things to learn. Since this time the remnant gate barriers are still maintained by both countries, but are now purely ceremonial

approx. 70 Years Ago (1218 CG)

  • The Abeyance: An ancient titanic evil calling itself Omniveon arose from it’s slumber in the Abyssal Plane. It took on a physical form on Tenera and used it’s massive powers to rip massive tears in the fabric of the plane. The new portals, and the demons and monsters who came through, allying with Omniveon, brought death, destruction, and ruin upon all the peoples of Tenera. This siege on Tenera lead to war that ravaged the world and brought the countries and races of Tenera together in an unprecedented Peoples Army, which managed to stave off the destruction of the planet, and possibly of the entire material plane. This 10 year cataclysm has shaped the world into what it is today over the last half century since it occurred. The most prominent changes being the birth of the Zoana, a new pantheon to replace the gods who were killed during the Abeyance, and the worldwide regulations concerning planar travel.

60 Years Ago (0 AB) (After the Abeyance)

  • Birth of the Warforged: After the Abeyance, Warforged constructs began exhibiting signs of consciousness. Since that time there has been mixed opinions as to how to treat these new thinking creatures. Some consider them constructs, some consider them living beings, and some consider them abominations.
  • The Rediscovery: during an excursion across the sea, an adventuring party came across a series of ruins on the island of Iba that led to the discovery of an ancient Teneran civilization lost to time. Many magical techniques and apparatuses were discovered along with many historical artifacts and a new source of Mythril on Tenera. The company that found the ruins became known as the Mythril Eight, and their spreading of Iba’s lost wealth brought Castrellon and many other countries into a time of unprecedented economic growth.

50 Years Ago (10 AB)

  • The Country of Plenty: in the wake of the Rediscovery of Iba, Castrellon grows into a powerhouse of art, technology, and culture. from the time of the Rediscover through the next decade Castrellon saw the growth of many of its cities, but none more than Maidenpool, which has become known as the jewel at Castrellon’s center.

30 Years Ago (30 AB)

  • The New Wave: With the Abeyance at an end for twenty years, members of Siperene’s underclass began speaking of revolution, of new citizenship rights, of a new ruling system, and a removal of the border guards. What started as minor protests grew to border skirmishes with what remained of Siperene’s military.
  • The War of Tears: In an attempt to squash the New Wave movement before it became a true revolution, Siperene declared war against all citizens harboring revolutionaries as well as any country that was supporting them. This resulted in attacks on both Tyhndahl and Castrellon, the two primary supporters of change for Siperene. The war lasted several months with heavy losses on both sides. This war was unique for Siperene as the first in over a generation where human soldiers made up the bulk of the army’s fighting force.

20 Years Ago (40 AB)

  • The Scarred Plaines: Skirmishes between rival communities in Suyuya grow as the land continues to heal from the effects of the Abeyance. Centaur herds experience population decline, as do Raptorans and Kobolds.

10 Years Ago (50 AB)

  • Rumors Abound: As multiple conflicts across the world continued in the wake of the Abeyance, word spread of a new police force of unknown origin said to be in the business of dealing with matters of state and honor with proficiency unseen since the rise of the Zoana. To the present no one has yet verified any member of this police force, though rumors tend to point towards the dragon nation of Paranath as their origin.


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