The Ties That Bind

Each of you is an aspiring adventurer from somewhere on the fantastical world of Tenera. You each have hopes and dreams, and the open road to adventure calling your name. How will you reach these goals? What secrets will you uncover? What new places will you see, new people will you meet, and new discoveries will you make? Who will stand in your way? And most importantly, how will you do it all together?

We shall find answers to all and more in The Ties That Bind


Hey Players,

I’m currently working on the pantheons and gods for the game, and in studying the wide variety of domains and their connections, it has become clear that quick and efficient organizing of said domains is a stupid idea. AND SO: For anyone playing a divine caster, once you have chosen a god you may pick your own spell domains as limited in the rulebook and submit them for my approval. I trust everyone’s judgment, but please be advised that domains must have an explainable connection to the character’s chosen deity.

Ties that Bind

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