Located in the northernmost section of the Hadus Continent. Also known as the Fey Wilds, this densely wooded area is innately magical, and is home to the largest population of Elves on Tenera, as well as being the homeland of many of the feytouched races.

Andrileon is known to most people outside it as the Fey Wilds. It is home to Elves and other ancient races and is thus not very well understood by those that do not hail from the centuries old forests. The primary society is that of the High Elves, whose cities are the only easily visible structures. The High Elves cities are among the most beautiful and extravagant on Tenera, the jewel of Elven civilization is the city of Silantalos, home of the Elven royal family: King Elkas, Queen Chaelana, the princes Lunan and Mormenor, and the princess Lialeth. The royals and the nobility are the stewards of elven culture as well as the ultimate commanders of the formalized elven military and higher court, but the functioning of society is largely up to the individuals.

Along with the High Elf cities, there are the tree-spun cities of the Wood Elves, which while not as grand and intimidating, are more than a match in natural beauty, and are much more welcoming of outsiders. The villages and cities of the Wood Elves are known as great trade centers where one can find just about any herb or plant one could possibly need. The Wood Elves are slightly more militarized than the High Elves, but do not actively enforce law beyond the Five Natural Laws of Life (One shall not Kill, Defile, or Steal, and Shall Remain Honest and Faithful).The other resident societies of Andrileon are the True Elves, who remain cloistered in their section of the forests and deny entrance to all but an express few.

Major Cities in Andrileon

The Elven capitol, hidden by magic and weather, said to be as old of the forest it’s built into, and often closed to outsiders.

Jile Unarith:
a sprawling white city of fey and elven design. The heart of the Elven trade world

Ullm Alora:
The city state of the True Elves, secluded and safe.

Eshne Nalore:
The greatest of the Wood Elves’ tree cities.

A larger, but less populated state of the Wood Elves.

the underground crystalline city of the Gray Elves.


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