Located in the center of the Hadus continent and bordered by every other Hadus nation, with the exception of Soioca, as well as both the Feig Sea and Tearnine Ocean. Known by its citizens and many who visit as The Country of Plenty, Castrellon is a richly blessed country originally founded by humans but grown from all races.

As a border country, Castrellon has a great system of trade and travel routes that span between its many towns and cities. Each population has its own system of laws and regulations, most commonly set by an elected mayor and council, as well as those dictated by the rulers of Castrellon, known as Dukes and Duchesses. The Duchy of Castrellon are traditionally of high class families and are appointed their positions by the Archduke of Castrellon. The current Archduke is Gilbert Wiscard, who proceeded his father and grandfathers since the end of the War of Two Kingdoms. Though dukedoms are often passed on through hereditary means, it is well known and well recorded that any duke or duchess without the support of their people will not hold their position for long. Castrellon is ultimately an artisan city, and some of the greatest craftsmen in the world come from its patchwork hills. Most citizens are human or of human descent, but as a trading center it is home to many Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs, and Elves as well. As the sole country with defined borders with the Fey Wilds, Castrellon does not often see Feytouched races, though they are often rumored about.

Castrellon society is one of inclusion, expression, and celebration. Each town and village has at least one festival it is known for. There is very little prejudice except towards Siperians, whom most of the populace consider backwards, racist, and untrustworthy. There are some dedicated towns and villages where various racial immigrants have made a new home for themselves, but most eventually join the artistic or agricultural communities as valued members. Castrellon is a land of opportunity, and has a rich history of creating heroes where one is expected to do their share and revel in the fruits of their labors.

Major Cities in Castrellon

The largest city and capitol of Castrellon. Here the High Lord of Castrellon holds court.

The artisanal city of Castrellon. A major trading and crafting city, and the seat of the country’s economy.

Church on the Hill:
a temple town centered on an ancient cathedral to an unknown deity. It has been under refurbishment since the Abeyance.

Other Major Towns

a gorgeous town famous for its beautiful gardens.

a city sandwiched between the Feywoods and the Gildlands, famous for its orchards and tobacco farms.

Near the southern reach of Shimmerset Lake, this small town is home to many naturalists and healers.

The Gildlands:
The largest agricultural region of Castrellon, Dozens of farms and communities combined in a patchwork of gold, brown, and green.

A border town, and the northernmost outpost of Castrellon. Its citizens have a rivalry with the town of Sharnwick.

A small city that serves as a host town of sorts to the more ancient Church on the Hill that stands above it.

a mining town located in the cloven hoof pass in the Blackburn mountains, and a source for local metals.

The closest town to the Fey Wilds, and one of the largest trading posts in the country. Its citizens have a rivalry with those of Larnwick.

A travel route city near the Tyndahl border and the channel to the Feig Sea. It is a place of business.

Set on a ridge of one of the lower peaks of the blackburns, it has a proud historical tradition, as the highest location in all of Castrellon after Church on the Hill.

A town famous for its barding school, Zindello University. It is a sister town to Maidenpool.

a small town of note, famous for its massive ale house known as Bullhorn Hall.

a city on the eastern side of the Gildlands, where milling and herding are the primary professions.

The jewel of Shimmerset Lake, set on an inlet of the lake and covered in stained glass, it’s lighthouse keeps the lake safe.

The port town on the channel that separates Lake Longbion from the Feig Sea. Home of the best fish markets in the world.

Salin Cove:
the largest port town on the country’s Tearnine coast.


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