Located just north of Castrellon and bordering the strait between the Feig Sea and the Gigonian Ocean, Karamen is land of honor and intrigue, full of feytouched beings and strict clan structure.

Karamen is a feudal nation run primarily by the Hengeyokai, magically enhanced beings with both animal and humanoid forms. the various clans, each defined by the animal from whom their ancestors drew their forms from, are lead by Shoguns, the most powerful of whom is called the Sei-i Taishogun. The current Taishogun is Shogun Teijo of the Carp clan. Many believe that Teijo came to his title through deception and bribery in the midst of the chaos after the Abeyance, while others believe him to be a good leader thrust into the vacant vacuum of power in the Abeyance’s wake. Karamen’s clans are not only Hengeyokai, but also of other humanoids. Most are humans with ties to the clans either through marriage or blood both recent and ancient, but some are members of other races who have come to Karemen seeking enlightenment or training in the martial arts, which first arose in the region.

Other societies in Karamen are the Spirit Folk, who live mostly on the edge of civilization communing with and tending to the natural world, and the Kokubokuro, the ascetic dwarves who left the mountains for the serenity of the high Karameni hills. Throughout the region law is unified and maintained by the samurai class, who serve the feudal lords and their people.

Major Cities in Karamen

Karamen’s current capitol, as the homeland of the highest ranking feudal lord, Sei-i Taishogun Teijo

A river community home to several clan-steads, and the home of one the most ancient temples in the country.

A large trade city where farmers come to sell their crops and where most people enter and exit the country

The grandest of all Karamen’s cities. It is a place of wonder and beauty.


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