Located along the eastern edge of the Hadus continent and bordered by Blackburn Mountains to the north and west, and the Tearnine Ocean to the east and south, Siperene is a harsh land tamed by centuries of diligence and refusal to succumb by its inhabitants.

Known self-referentially as the Great Country, Siperene is said to be the founding land of the first human empire, and home to mostly xenophobic humans, with other races rarely accepted or staying long. The country’s rough terrain and bleak view of outsiders makes living conditions difficult for most of its residents. Siperene is ruled by the Her Royal Sovreign, Empress Rizarorin Ywain Ymenis, 83nd of the line of Tarris, First Emperor of the Realm. As far as her subjects and her country’s neighbors are aware she is the sole lawmaker and chief law enforcer. All major disputes are settled by her, or by courts that act in her name. By decree within Siperene’s borders every human that lives in or enters Siperene is a citizen and subject. All other races are not allowed inside the country without risk of persecution and potential imprisonment or enslavement. Certain races, such as Warforged, Changelings, and Darfellan, who either were natural inhabitants of the land in ancient times or brought to Siperene for the express purpose of serving the Empress and her people, have no legal rights and no chance of citizenship.

In order to maintain its avenues of trade and negotiation with other countries Siperene does allow for the acquiring of temporary business or minor citizenship documents that allow other races the ability to sell or trade with Siperean markets, or travel through the country on what is called Mule Road by Sipereans in order to avoid the dangerous paths of the Blackburn Mountains in the north. Siperene’s militia was once considered the strongest on Tenera thanks to its heavy reliance on Warforged, but after the Abeyance and subsequent battles wiped most of them out, the country has had to rely once again on human recruits. At this time little has reached the ears of those outside its borders what will happen to Siperene in the wake of its losses.

Major Cities in Siperene:

One of the most ancient and beautiful of Siperene’s cities. As the country’s capital it is closed to all non-humans except by invitation of the Empress herself.

A city that has been glued back together from its wreckage many times from various battles over the centuries.

The Grimfort:
A massive fortress and town at the base of one of the Blackburn peaks within the borders. It is the Empress’s final defense bunker.

Other Towns

a desert outpost near the southernmost foot of the Blackburns. It is Siperene’s largest military post and the site of the only Soulforge in the country.

A city nearest Loch Lapis, famed for its elegant construction and paranoia. It is the primary city of trade in the south.

an ancient tower near the Castrellean border. Most travellers enter the country through this town, as it is nearest the north end of the Mule Road.

a marshy and backwater town nearest to the Sorcene Divide, said by locals to be where a great mage split the land to remove Siperene from the risk of easy invasion

A town situated on the peaks and canyons of a long foot of the Blackburns. It is primarily a military outpost.

The border town where all travellers must pass to enter or exit Siperene from the south.


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