A country of strange people with strange magic, resulting from its proximity to the Fey Wilds and the Dragonstead of Paranath. Located north of Karamen, Soioca is the ancestral home of the Rilkan and Scarn, cousin races who fought for many generations over the right to rule the land and its ancient magic.

Soioca is officially recognized as the domain of the Skarn. They make up the ruling class, and the majority of the political figures. Within Soioca most other races are considered inferior, though none are treated with as much scorn as the Rilkan, whom the Skarn believe are traitors to their cause of seeking perfection. Most Soiocans maintain their role in this quest in one way or another. As a result the entire nation tends to be a people prone to fanaticism and single-mindedness. Soioca has a large military for its size, and limited exportable resources. As a peninsula nation their only true resource is the sea, and they are the only known nation with a private treaty on fishing and oceanic exploitation with the Aquorcs. Ultimately Soioca is both an intriguing and mysterious country that some seek to come to know better, and others avoid at all costs.

Major Cities in Soioca

The mecca of Skarn society, and the seat of their race’s power. Home to sprawling towers and massive arenas

The second largest city of Soioca, spread out over much of the southwestern coastline

A holy city state said to be the location of the original Incarnum spring


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