A country that takes up most of the Blackburn Mountain range, thus earning it the name of The Land of Mountains, and bordering the Feig Sea to the west, and Castrellon and Siperene to the east. Tyndahl is the homeland of the dwarves, and it is they who still keep it.

Tyndahl is a harsh land populated primarily by the dwarves, who live underground in their ancient cavern cities in the mountains, and in open air towns in the west where refining and trading are the primary vocations. The mountains are also host to the Goliaths, a pebble skinned race of peaceful hunters who protect the mountains as sacred beings, and the Deurgar, who guard the underlevels of the dwarven tunnels guarding the black granite underseals that block off the Underdark from the light of day. Tyndahl is ruled by the Dwarven clans, of which there are many. The most powerful clans are known as the Six Great Clans, said to be divine in their sovereignty over all other families, which each ultimately trace back to the lineage of one of the six. They are named for the most abundant resources in the Blackburns, and each holds a large monopoly on their namesake’s excavation. Each member of their clan is expected to perform duties for the clan that help to maintain both reputation and honor. As such Tyndahl society is one of strict regimentation; one that does not approve overly of deviation.

Tyndahl boasts one of the largest economies on Tenera, with its vast resources and massive trading system the clans have remained decked in wealth and prestige for centuries. Its cities are wonders to behold and its wares are the prize of many a wandering traveller. The country prides itself on this renown and uses it to make the lives of all its citizens better wherever it can. Though most of the country is cut off from the rest of the world through the foreboding barriers of the Blackburns, the western coasts offer a great deal to travellers and tourists, including a multitude of festivals and feast days celebrating the bounty of the mountain’s children. To the average Teneran, Tyndahl is a fascinating and miraculous place.

Major Locations in Tyndahl

Gold District: Throrgron
The City state of the Gold Clan is the greatest of the six great cities of Tyndahl, hewn from the heart of Mount Boln, the highest peak of the Blackburns

Silver Distric: Bramthrum
Located along the thickest silver veins of mountains, Branthrum is home to the most skilled mages of dwarvenkind.

Iron District: Darkam
Darkam goes the deepest of all the districts, and is known for its forges

Adamant District: Hjulmand
The military clan’s stead is located on one of the lower peaks and host a variety of forts and forges, ever vigilant over the west.

Mythrill District: Mystlynn
Home to the greatest temples of all the districts, and a place of pilgrimage for many dwarves.

Gem District: Arras
The home of the merchant clans, and to some of the greatest bazaars in the world

Other Towns

The premier port town of Tyndahl, bordered by the two great lakes, and where many of its imports come in on their way to the mountains.

the greenest town of Tyndahl, known as a place of rest and relaxation, especially for clan elders.

The compass point of the Tyndahl train routes.


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